The Return of RTSQ Presents!

Hey there RT Community! We’ve got some BIG news for you today! It’s the return of RTSQ Presents!

We introduced the RTSQ Presents program a few years ago at RTX as way to help community groups host their own events. The next year, it grew into our first ever grant program, and we awarded five $100 grants to help groups host events at RTX. This year, we’re upping the ante and awarding five $200 grants through RTSQ Presents: Community Events! More details on the program, including how to apply, can be found at

You may notice we added a subtitle up there – RTSQ Presents: Community Events. Now, why would we do that?

Probably because RTSQ Presents is expanding! Today, we’d like to introduce you to RTSQ Presents: Community Content.

We can’t cover all the details in this news post, but we’ll give you the short version. We were approached by RT community group The Angels with an amazing idea for an event they wanted to host as part of RTSQ Presents. Unfortunately it was too large for the existing program, but we all knew that NEEDED to become a reality. We worked quickly to figure out a way to make it happen, and here we are!

RTSQ Presents: Community Content w/ The Angels is going to be unlike any RT community event we’ve seen before. We’re going to host a showcase of community content on the silver screen at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz the day before RTX! That’s right! YOUR content will be on the big screen at one of the greatest theaters in the world and you’ll watch it while surrounded by tons of your best friends! And it’s a great reason/excuse to have lunch at Alamo Drafthouse!

We’re still working out a few details, but you can find everything we’ve finalized over at We’d like to stress that this is NOT an awards show, but simply a showcase for RT Community content creators. We want to make sure that this community, which has bonded over a shared love of RT’s content, knows that there are people and groups among us creating really amazing things like podcasts, movies, livestreams, music, and more!

You all probably have TONS of questions about RTSQ Presents and I promise we’ll work to answer them over the next few weeks. We’ll work to compile a FAQ as soon as we can, based on questions sent to us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and the RT site.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to RTX SideQuest while you still can! Also, we’re hoping to have details on submitting items to our RTX SideQuest Cocktail Party and Charity Auction up within the next week or so!

Enim Filii!

We’re not foolin’ around! We want Barbara and Caleb to jump off a building!

That’s right, it’s time for RTSQ for Make-A-Wish 2015!

We’re teaming up with Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas again this year to send both Barbara AND Caleb Over the Edge! Double the community managers, double the fun!

Last year, we successfully raised over $1500 to send Barbara Over the Edge. It was pretty incredible, and entertaining!

That money went towards granting the wishes of kids who could really use it. One of my favorite Wish Stories actually comes from the South Dakota chapter – Jacob wished to go visit Rooster Teeth in Austin!

You can also check out some of the inspiring Wish Stories from the Central Texas chapter at

Help us grant wishes like Jacob’s in the central Texas area by donating to send Barbara and Caleb Over the Edge in June. Assuming they reach the $1500 threshold to go Over the Edge, we’ll be hosting a meet-up to cheer them on! Last year Barbara even decided to hang around (GET IT?!) with us afterwards for coffee and silly faces.


And, just to make it interesting, let’s say that the first one out of Barbara and Caleb to reach the $1500 mark gets to dress the other for the day of the event. Frisbees for Barbara! Pretty dresses for Caleb! The sky (or at least, the part of the sky closest to the top of the W Hotel in Austin) is the limit!

Donate to Barbara –
Donate to Caleb –

Remember, they EACH have to get to $1500 to go Over the Edge! Also, we don’t have to stop at $1500! Every dollar helps to grant wishes! Let’s see how many we can grant as a community!

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