Introducing RT BiteQuest!

In keeping with the original goal of RT SideQuest (showing off great places to eat) we’re launching a new video series today! Join us on the first RT BiteQuest with the Achievement Hunter Stream Team!


We’re planning to film several more of these with even more special guests! Be sure to let us know what you think!

RTX SideQuest Cocktail Party and Charity Auction 2015

Just over a month ago we opened donations to this summer’s auction at RTX and unveiled the first items available to bid on in a Star Wars Day news post. Now, it seems like that was such a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… *Cue the music*


The Auction Awakens

That’s right, we want YOU to help us make this year’s auction the BIGGEST RT Community fundraiser EVER! Although we’ve already collected a bunch of AMAZING items for the auction, we still want to show off the creativity of the RT Community! We want to auction off YOUR arts, crafts, and other donations, to benefit charities like Child’s Play, AbleGamers, Operation Supply Drop, and others!

If you’re a community creator who would like to be part of the RTX SideQuest Cocktail Party and Charity Auction, please fill out the form at and we’ll be in touch ASAP! Whether you’re a digital artist who loves Red vs. Blue, or a crafter who loves AH Let’s Plays, or a talented LEGO master who delights in the flavors of Dude Soup, we want your donations!

Tease It…

Of course, we’re not JUST relying on the community to donate items this year. We’ve already collected a BUNCH of amazing items for this year, like ALL of the limited Red vs. Blue and RWBY posters released by Rooster Teeth, an awesome signed Counter Strike poster, a full boxed copy of the Legendary edition of Halo 3, and all sorts of other things! Below is just a small taste. We’ll create a full gallery sometime closer to the auction…

The SideQuest Signature Series

We also have a special collection of items from artists that were hand-picked by the RT SideQuest Board of Directors called the SideQuest Signature Series. We began what would become the Signature Series with Project 10 in 2013, and continued it with the RT Renaissance in 2014. This year, we’re going back to simpler time…

The SideQuest Signature Series theme for 2015 is…

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Here’s an explanation from RT SideQuest Founder and Donations Director, Dominic Dobrzensky:

Two years ago we celebrated a milestone.

Last year we looked deep into the past and wondered about our present.

This year, we look back again, but to childhood and a more colourful time.


“Saturday morning cartoons are no more,” declared The Washington Post in 2014 after The CW ended its Saturday morning animated slate, the last broadcast network to do so. In a world of round-the-clock, streamed entertainment, this is a time that is perhaps lost but not too far gone.


The age of Saturday morning cartoons has molded childhoods, prompted some of today’s biggest movies, helped conventions become mammoths.


We have all sorts of memories of this time, the popular and the obscure. Lindsay Jones and Jordan Cwierz’s newest animated series X-RAY AND VAV sparked a callback to it.


The creation of a fast, digital infrastructure gave rise to connections and art that didn’t exist. Millennials were the last to witness life without that. How it made us laugh, set standards and stirred imaginations.


And may do so again…


We’re really excited about the artists we selected for this year’s Signature Series and the wonderful art they’re going to create for it. Rest assured, we’ll announce the full roster and tease their works sometime before the auction!

Don’t Miss Out!

And of course, we want to make sure community members get to see and bid on all of these amazing items! Our auction is a great way to start your RTX weekend, and you never know who you might bump into!

Tickets for the auction are still available at, but we expect them to start going fast and once they’re gone, that’s IT! Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the GREATEST kick-off to RTX that the world has EVER seen! You can’t go wrong when loads of food, a few cash bars, tons of amazing arts and crafts, charity, and the Rooster Teeth Community get crammed into a fancy ballroom together!

See you at RTX!

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