RTX SideQuest Charity Auction 2014

From the desks of our Donations Director (Dom) and Donations Coordinator (Julia)…

Calling all artists! It’s that time of the year! We’ve received a lot of questions about the RTSQ charity auction already and are excited to see so many artists interested in contributing this year. It can’t happen without you and we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone interested in donating. We often get asked, “What kinds of things should I donate?” The results in past years have been jaw-dropping to say the least. Our brains have been wrapped in tinfoil, popped in a microwave and thrown in the sun. Which has then exploded.

Based on reactions from both artists and fans over the years, here are some guidelines we hope you’ll find useful or inspiring. We find that most donations fall into one or more of a few basic categories, so we’ve outlined some below to help out with your questions. By no means are donations limited to these categories though! We’re more than happy to take donations of things that don’t quite fit in any of the suggested categories!


This is an obvious one–people love it all! Drawings, paintings, digital and physical. And don’t be afraid to think outside the major characters! Caboose, Church and Sarge are certainly well loved, but trust me: minor characters are craved too. There has been a lot of love shown to creations involving Carolina, Tex, Church, Wyoming and Meta! Meta! Meta!

For example…


Meta by anubis793, handmade Meta by Krakatau and Maine and Tex by Boredman/telaniel

Linh produced a complete set of personalized character undergarments…

RvB Panties by Linh

We’ve also had ponies show up at the auction!

by Ladydonut

by Ladydonut


This category generally includes live action projects such as The Gauntlet, A Simple Walk, Immersion, and RT Shorts. It could also include the video podcast, Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, and anything that might concern the company, cast, and crew themselves more than any other category. Take, for example, the “Rooster and Teeth” logo below. Last year, Ben McSweeney, the artist behind the logo, donated his first and only hand-drawn logo in over a decade.

by Ben McSweeney and Luke McKay.

“Rooster and Teeth” by Ben McSweeney and “Welcome to Rooster Teeth” by Luke McKay.

Maybe we’ll see some “Joe The Cat” and The Slow Mo Guys creations this year. Or perhaps something with puns?


Your imaginations know no bounds and that was strongly demonstrated here last year. We had hand-carved Tower of Pimps soap bars, a Lord of the Rings style map of Achievement City, hand-crafted Minecraft props, personalized shoes, and more.

by TDSpiral

Achievement City Map by TDSpiral

We also loved your depictions of the lads and the gents. Hopefully we’ll get to see more Edgars, comicized or gameified versions of the group, plus X-Ray and Vav!


There was a crazy demand for RWBY last year and the show wasn’t even out! Are you excited for Volume 2? Show us your RWBY pride!


Got something geeky? Something you know this community would love that doesn’t fit the other descriptions? Get in touch with us and let’s make it happen! Last year we had a bevy of video game items from the 405th, 343 Industries, The Behemoth (they donated a boxwood of figures from their games!), and more. And remember that everyone gets excited for custom items! In 2012, HellsAngel donated a working portable XBOX 360!

Portable XBOX 360 by hellsangel

Portable XBOX 360 by hellsangel

In general, we absolutely love all of the community and industry support we’ve received in the past and we can’t wait to see all the great items in store for this year! On that note, we do want to request that any items you donate be one-of-a-kind. Items intended for the auction need to be unique in some way and thus only obtainable at the auction; this ensures that people will be more excited to bid on them. We are not asking for the rights to your creations! You should feel free to keep copies of anything you create. We are just asking that any distribution of other copies of your creations take place at some point after the auction, out of fairness to our donors. Not sure if your idea is unique enough? Just ask us! We don’t bite.

Still need more inspiration? Why not check out our Auction Mega-Post from 2013?

We will be accepting donations until May 30th, 2014 at the latest. You can submit your donation by filling out the donation form! Thank you for helping us, Enim Filii, and we will see you in July!

RT SideQuiz for a Cause Reminder

Don’t tell me you already forgot about RT SideQuiz for a Cause! Just in case you did, let me refresh your memory…

Our first ever RT SideQuiz for a Cause is TOMORROW (Tuesday, February 25th) at Fadó Irish Pub in downtown Austin! Quiz starts at 7:30, but we STRONGLY recommend you get there between 6:30 and 7:00 to ensure you have a seat and get your food ordered before quiz begins. You might want to consider browsing the menu ahead of time or reserving a table via OpenTable.

We also recommend that you sign up for Geeks Who Drink’s weekly email list so you can get a peek at FIVE round themes (to study!) and the email bonus question.

The quiz should run until around 10:00pm, with prizes being awarded to several of the top teams!


CASH MONEY for the top team that donates to Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas!

We’re asking for a $10 donation from each player. If your team donates, you’re eligible to win the cash prize! The pot will consist of one donation per team that donates, meaning the more donations we get the more you can win! Bring your friends! Based on the average number of teams the last three weeks and the number of people who have said they’re attending, we’re estimating that the total cash prize will be between $150 and $200. That means a full team will each make back their donations and then some!

$50 gift card to Fadó for one of the top teams!

$25 gift card to Fadó for one of the top teams!

A shot at Fadó’s rolling jackpot of $150! If the winning team plays their cards right (literally) they could walk away with MORE cash!

Free drinks for answering bonus questions!

RT SideQuest shirts and Go Local cards for… pretty much whatever we want!

But wait! There’s more…


RT SideQuiz for a Cause LIVE STREAM

That’s right! We’re going to live stream the quiz so you can play along at home AND win prizes! We’ll be LIVE on Ustream starting around 7:00pm (Central). We’ll give you a view from the Quiz Master table as the action unfolds, and pipe all the audio from the sound board straight to the stream. We’ll also let people participate in the quiz via the “Social Stream” chat to win some great prizes!

The stream quiz will be of the “first to answer wins” format, so you won’t want to miss a question! At the end of the night we’ll tally up the points for each person in the stream and we’ll award prizes to the top three! Our prizes, of course, are keeping in mind that we’re all Geeks Who Drink.


1st prize: RTX SideQuest All-Access Badge (Not going to RTX? It’s yours to give away!)

2nd prize: Set of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter Logo Pint Glasses (Bottoms up!)

3rd prize: Rooster Teeth OR Achievement Hunter OR RT Podcast Keychain and Bottle Opener (Crack open another cold one!)

We hope to see you, either in-person or virtually, at RT SideQuiz for a Cause tomorrow night! All the money that we collect is going into our fund for Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas. We’re hoping to raise $5,000 for Make-A-Wish this year, through this event and others, giving us the ability to Adopt-A-Wish and make a difference in the life of a very special child!

Enim Filii!


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